Rebecca Nelson

Rebecca Nelson

Hello, there! I'm a software engineer and anime enthusiast. This is my personal website, where I give a little bit of info about myself and my projects.

My full resumé of professional activities can be found online on my LinkedIn Page; this page is mainly filled up with info about me, as well as a few projects I've chosen to highlight. If you need to reach out to me for any reason, please feel free to do so via any of my profiles that I maintain on social media. I'll typically respond fairly quickly, and I'm a lot more likely to reply there than I am through email.

My Patchouli Article Library is where I publish any articles I write as the mood strikes me. I'd hesitate to call it a blog, as I post pretty infrequently, but it's something along those lines.


I have a variety of profiles online. Most of them are under my personal user ID 'dekarrin'; most all of the dekarrins you see online are me! However, there are a few cases where someone has managed to grab the name before I've had a chance. That's okay, though! All is fair in love, war, death, taxes, and of course, reservation of online names.

Here is a probably-incomplete list of my profiles:


Being a software engineer who is also into open source development, I've got my hands in quite a few different places. Pretty much everything important and related to coding is up on my GitHub page, but I want to bring up a couple of highlights here.

The biggest thing I've been involved with recently is a startup non-profit company called Moe Serifu Circle, which is working on creating a brand new anime-themed personal assistant. We want to promote and advance the science and research of personal assistant computing technology in order to help create a sustainably free ecosystem that improves all aspects of personal life. We may also accidentally end up invoking the singularity if all goes as planned, but, well, at least it will be cute and anime-themed!

I've also created a domain-specific programming language for creating visual novels, called FairyScript, designed for use with the Ren'Py scripting engine. The motivation behind it was to create a language that would cross-compile not only into an executable VN with Ren'Py, but also into user-friendly Microsoft Word documents that can be shared with copy editors and preview readers.


Nothing too fancy here! I'm a transgender girl from Minnesota who's into anime, software development, and possibly bringing about the singularity as we know it! I typically find myself involved with anime community initiatives, and a lot of time outside of my work is spent with that community; I'm always willing to take a night to hang out and watch some shows with fellow enthusiasts!

I graduated from North Dakota State University, class of 2017. While I was there, I served in leadership positions in the student chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery, and in my last year I rebooted the previously disbanded Anime Club. It went on for at least one more year that I know of, and I was so proud to see it take on a life of its own! I was also involved in a small amount of LGBT advocacy during my time in school.

Now, I'm working hard to build up the anime community in Minnesota; I've kicked off a meetup group, and often find myself attending existing ones as well. I'm also working with my startup non-profit, Moe Serifu Circle.

When it comes to anime, I'm such a sucker for slice-of-life comedies, especially those with cute girls doing cute things. Lucky Star is one of favorite anime of all time, and Konata is a contender for best girl in my mind! Azumanga Daioh and Strawberry Marshmallow are pretty great as well, although I have to say that I think Nichijou blows them out of the water. Yay for absurdist comedy! I do tend to like some of the mystery / drama shows as well; for that genre, I'd have to say that Future Diary would be my favorite.

I have expertise in a variety of programming languages, including C, C++, C#, Java, Python, and a little bit of ActionScript. My heart is mainly in development, but I've also got some experience with the infrastructure and operations side of things, particularly with regards to databases. My professional enterprise experience includes CassandraDB, Neo4J, and a little bit of MongoDB usage and administration.